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End of Month Post - June 2020

Posted by Blokfort - July 4th, 2020

Once again, I had a lot of work to do this month, and I actually got most of it done. Woo. The main thing I worked on this month were character sheets or character references in general. Character designing takes a lot of work, as there's a lot of back and forth between me and the client on what the character needs to look like. There's certain time delays between each interaction, and there are certain points in the designing process where I have to stop working on it to ask "how is this?" It takes a lot of time to do. Because of the work needed, I actually had to close commissions, again, and pause both the weekly vote and the comic stuff. As of writing this, I feel like I'm pretty close to getting all of the big commission stuff done though, so everything will go back to 'normal schedule' soon. Speaking of the weekly votes, as of writing this I'm actually still working on "Sci-fi Casual Kalta," the previously voted piece, and I'm putting a bit more work into it than a usual weekly vote piece. I feel like I owe it that much at least.

[Burnt Out?] I'm feeling much better now, but earlier in the month which unrelated, or perhaps exactly related, I felt like I had actually burnt out on art stuff for a few days. I was flat out skipping streaming time and just playing video games instead. Wasn't very fun, as I of course felt like I had a duty to do, to uphold my end of the bargain and such. I think part of the problem is that most of it required "Hard Line Art," one of two variants of line art I currently offer in any commission, the other being "Soft Line Art."

[Hard vs Soft] There's not much to explain there really, one type has a harder more precise edge than the other. I will say though, I personally like Soft Line Art much, much more. There's actually a lot of reasons why I prefer Soft Line Art over Hard Line Art. In my opinion, I think Soft looks nicer in general. It's also much easier for me to work with as I feel like I have much more control over it than Hard. It's also much faster. One very minor minus point to Soft however, is the fact that I can't use the paint-bucket tool to color things in when it's all done. The ends of Soft line art are, well, soft, and don't usually close off spaces very well. So, what happens when I throw the paint-bucket in, is it colors everything. Rather than using the paint-bucket tool, I have to do the flat colors by hand, but that's OK by me. It's like coloring in a coloring book at that point. Besides, even with Hard Line Art, the paint-bucket tool can only do so much. There are certain corners or lines that usually have missing spots that I have to go in and fix manually anyway.

[Commissions] And with that said, I think I might be doing a big revision to my commission page, again. Though, I'm not sure if I'll actually do it yet or not. The idea here is to drop Hard Line Art completely. I would have to change the pricing and information on multiple commission cards to reflect this new idea. And finally, I think I might actually have to increase pricing in a few spots as well. What this means for people is that I believe I can actually take on more commissions, since none of them will be Hard Line Art. Oh, and I'm putting on a limit of how many "Character Sheets" I do in a month, going to more of a slot-type commission setup, but again, only for "Character Sheets."

[Comic] The "First Love" comic between Neek and Krench is currently awaiting line art, colors and shading of some kind, which basically puts it right at the end of "placement sketch" phase. However, I'd actually like to either adjust or put in a new page right at the start, to better tie the characters together. I had some bit of thought that perhaps it doesn't flow as well as it could have. It feels a little funny making all these changes to this since in my mind this was supposed to be a sort of 'one-off-side-comic' thing, but I guess I "want to try my best" too much. Heh.