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Posted by Blokfort - 6 days ago

I got a lot of work done, but unfortunately I don't have a lot to show for it. Mostly the highlights of this month are a couple of big projects, daily drawings, and a lot of time dedicated to learning and re-learning certain aspects of the art programs that I now I'm currently use. It makes me feel a little bad, because I feel like I need to consistently show and provide the work that people are supporting me for. I only managed to finish page 7 of Eyes on the Prize, and a few other commission-type art to show time-lapses and other stuff. But, I'm very, very happy with the final results of the things I have completed.

I'm not terribly familiar when it comes to the subject of mech or machine type stuff. I don't normally like to talk about commissions in great detail, but one of the things commissions I had to work on was an old suit of mechy-armor. It was an odd (and sometimes frustrating) process of trying to put pieces together in a way that made sense, when I don't actually have a lot of mechanical sense or knowledge. It's kind of funny to mention, but lately I've been getting into the Warhammer 40k. I think the designs and universe are a lot of fun! I think after doing a few daily drawings of some of the Adeptus Astartes armor, it helped a bit for this armor commission. Maybe.

Another thing that helped a lot while doing said armor was using a different art app/program. Originally, I used Procreate (Pro). I started using Pro in 2015, when I got my first iPad. It was a pretty great drawing app, very simple and pretty intuitive to use, minus custom brush making. The custom brush making is atrociously bad. The the thing that made me switch to using the new program, Art Studio Pro (ASP), was basically because it was the same thing, but had more tools. And, even when talking about the same exact tool, it had more options and customizability. The touch-gestures are faster, the bars are customizable, the fact that it has a quick-gesture-page-thing. Pro has none of those things. These days, Pro's interface is just... incomprehensible. Certain things are, and are not customizable, the touch-gestures are slow and laggy, THE GOD DAMN LAYER LIMITS. Oh right, ASP has no layer limits. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. If you want a nice drawing program, try out Art Studio Pro! I've also heard that Clip Studio Paint is quite nice as well. I think Procreate started it's downfall when it decided to focus on the iPhone version, Procreate Pocket. Completely mind boggling to me. So, with the change to ASP, I've had to get settled with how canvas are made, where tools are, customizing buttons, remaking *BRUSHES*. The brush making in ASP is amazing, it's so easy. Everything I want to change is in a spot that makes sense. Mostly. Better than Procreate anyway. So yeah, a large chunk of time was spent getting used to ASP. But now, I'm settled!

Page 7 of the comic was actually done in ASP as well. I relocated all the page preset stuff over to ASP from Pro. Making the frames of the comic is a little funky, but it get's the job done. I will say, Pro's ability to edit a line-shape after drawing it is quite nice, and would love to see the same happen in ASP at some point, but until then I'll just have to make do. I recreated my main brush in ASP, except somehow it's even betterer than the one I used in Pro. I don't actually hate doing the line-art all that much now, which is a good thing because there's a lot of it. In page 7, I've decided to try and NOT color the background at all, only using various grey-scaled colors to mark setting. light grey for outside, darker grey for inside, etc. etc. It makes characters pop out more, I think. The trade-off though, is that I feel like I have to do a lot of line-art in order to actually show where the characters are, setting-wise. Currently, it's ok to me in the end anyway, as just doing line-art is far less mind taxing than having to pick and repick various grey shades in order to color bits and pieces of the background along with the characters, over and over, and over. It's also less layer management!

I'm thinking I'll be accepting commissions again soon for March. Things have settled down now, and I feel ready to take on more. Was also maybe thinking of posting to Tumblr again.


Posted by Blokfort - 1 month ago

I didn’t do a post for December 2020 because I felt like nothing notable really happened, and that I somehow also needed to summarize the year of 2020 for myself. I didn’t want to do that. So moving on, onto rambling! New year, new goals.

I’ve mentioned in a twitter post before; Juggling both commission work and comic work is really tricky for me. I’m still working through how I want a comic to look like and the whole process of it is new to me. I feel like I’m lost and afraid(?) at times as I’m never really sure what I’m doing. It’s a weird and hateful nostalgic feeling, much like how I first got into art stuff in general. I’m not sure how I want to host it on the website here, Patreon, or other gallery sites like Furaffinity and so on. I think the Eyes on the Prize comic looks ugly, it’s dark, and because of how I rushed through certain parts of it, some things look ‘wrong,’ there’s small consistency errors, and so on, and so on. Final note of self deprecation, it takes me a very long time to get these pages done. Originally I stopped doing Weekly Drawings because I didn’t want each comic page to take 2 weeks to finish. Well, each page has taken 2 weeks to finish, along with doing commission work. Darn.

That said, I’m still pretty happy with it. I know how to get the framing and layout done quickly and (I think) decently, I have a better grasp on how I want to do word-balloons, font is still something I struggle with now and then but I think it looks and reads ok now. I know I’ve said in the past that I wish I could keep everything consistent look-and-feel wise, but I think that’s simply not possible for this comic. Eyes on the Prize (after Old as Ice, wow who remembers that?) is an experimental comic that allows me to learn what I like or don’t like about certain aspects of comic making, and adjust accordingly. Before, I would use Clip Studio Paint’s comic making functions to make and create the comic page layouts, but after a while I decided it was too slow and unnecessary. It’s really annoying to have to Draw out what I kind of want in Procreate on the iPad, save the sketches, upload to Clip Studio Paint, but in the frames, reupload back to Procreate and finish the line art and other bits of artwork, etc., etc. Having to do the musical chairs of uploading and reuploading removes any kind flexibility in changes. By making certain brushes and using certain functions in Procreate though, I can make and edit the frames A LOT FASTER. Same thing applies to word balloons and text. Removing the need to use two different art programs will save me a lot of time in the future.

There are however some issues I find with drawing on the iPad / Procreate. One big thing is that the screen is simultaneously dark and bright. Dark colors might as well all be black, and bright colors are… well, bright. Things like pure white or neon colors are blinding to me. It throws off what little sense of ‘tone’ I have for the piece I’m working on. I bring this up because I mentioned earlier how these first 6 pages of Eyes on the Prize are dark as hell. To me, drawing it on the iPad, it looks perfectly fine (not including the issues mentioned earlier)! But, when I look at the pages online on a monitor, it’s all muddy and dark. BLEH. I have tried to mess with the color / contrast / brightness / true color settings on the iPad to no real avail, so it’s just something for me to keep in mind for the future I suppose. This issue has come up in other art pieces as well.

SKETCHING. I’ve managed to successfully do a daily drawing for a month now! I think I’m finally happy with what a “SKETCH” is, as shown in the many daily drawings. I can knock them out decently quickly, and I feel like I know when to stop with them. This is an important thing for me to note because often times in the past I would keep adjusting and refining a “sketch commission” until it didn’t really look like a sketch anymore. I might be able to make yet another edit to the commission page to include sketch commissions. I think I’ll do another month (or two) of daily drawing type stuff before making the effort to do that though.

I want to be able to be good at multiple forms of art, but I don’t have the time nor brain power to do so. I want to be able to do painterly-type artwork, but I have zero clue how to get started with it. I of course try watching other people, and they make it all look so simple. Anytime I try to apply those tricks though, it never really works out. I don’t know how to use digital painting brushes, and I don’t really know what look I’m trying to go for either. So, I’m just going to put all that stuff on hold for now.

I did learn how to make Emotes though! I even like them enough to throw them in the NEW AND IMPROVED “Bits ‘N Bobs” Commission sheet!
Go cheggem out ——> Commissions Info! - The Art of Blokfort


Posted by Blokfort - December 4th, 2020

Time for the next voted drawing!

(I am also willing to accept suggestions!)

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Posted by Blokfort - December 2nd, 2020

I've cleared up most of the projects I needed to do and can accept commissions once again!

Commissions Info! - The Art of Blokfort

Posted by Blokfort - December 1st, 2020

November has been a month of me trying to catch up again with what I missed in October. It's been kind of tricky because for whatever reason I've had A LOT of "I'm tired / exhausted" days. Sometimes I'd get to a point where I want to do something, but don't want to do anything. Really fun. So, I'd miss a few days of streaming and therefore drawing, which means less content than I'd hope for in the end. Because of that thought of "less content than usual" I keep having recurring thoughts about trying a sort of daily drawing thing, but as I've discovered in the past, I just can't do it. I want to be able to though. Honestly, the reasons why I don't can be simplified as laziness or forgetfulness. I spend about 5-8 hours everyday on drawing related stuff, so when the time ends for the day, I'm just about done with drawing for the day, if that makes sense. I find it difficult to extend that time a little bit more to say, "hey, I'm spend 1-2 more hours on a daily drawing now."

At the start of the month, I accepted a few commissions that have been on "waiting" status for quite a while and have finished all but 1. At the moment, that, and the next page of the Eyes on the Prize comic page are my two main focuses. The Eyes on the Prize comic has been going... Ok. I decided to just do simple black and white coloring for now, because I simply don't know what colors I want with it. I don't understand color theory, or even color picking at all. The few times I've tried with coloring, I fear it looks ugly or I fear I can't keep the consistency of it onto the next page. Heh, I'm sure there will be a few people who say the black / white coloring is already ugly, but OH WELL. I'm learnding, pleese dont yall at me.

Currently with my weekly content stuff, it's Comic / Vote / Comic / Vote / etc. Like I said last month, I feel like I can't do both a comic, weekly vote, and commission work AND personal work in one week, so why bother trying. Instead I'll just break it up into every-other-week type format. The unforeseen, rather obvious consequence of this however, is that I'm doing 1 comic page every other week. Eyes on the Prize currently has 30 drafted out pages. That would take 60 weeks to complete, if I kept to this schedule. That's uh, kind of a long time, for a mediocre comic, heh. Honestly, I'm not too sure what to do about that. I think for now I'll stick to the schedule with no changes and see how I feel about the whole thing in January. I mentioned fears about consistency earlier, and the length of time it's going to take to finish this comic is one of the main factors for that particular fear. As you may know, I've made an attempt at making this comic before, and was definitely not happy with how it was going. I'm glad I decided to stop and reformat everything, but I do not want to do that again here. It's time consuming and it's not actually content I can show anyone.

Total flip of switch here: The comic will most likely change over time, and I should probably not worry about that sort of thing. I want it to stay consistent, but I simply don't have the skill for that at the moment. This is basically my first start-to-end comic, not including the old "Old As Ice" comic. There's going to be some bumps and seemingly random changes from time to time. (I'm typing this as a reminder for myself. Hopefully it sticks.) Things like word balloons, coloring, sound words, line art, etc., will most likely change from page to page. Thanks for your patience!

Posted by Blokfort - November 20th, 2020

Time for the next voted drawing!
This one is going to be a bit different from previous ones.
(I am also willing to accept suggestions!)

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Posted by Blokfort - November 6th, 2020

Time for the next voted drawing!
Go to this page and vote on which one I'll do a drawing for. Sometimes details will be a little vague to add some mystery to it, I guess.

(I am also willing to accept suggestions!)

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Posted by Blokfort - November 1st, 2020

On around October 2nd, I hurt my hand! There were quite a few days where I couldn't turn, lift or do anything else with my hand, otherwise it would ache or be downright painful. This hand was also unfortunately my drawing hand, so literally all forms of work had to be put on hold for about 3 weeks. I'm not even sure how I hurt myself either which is probably the worst part about it all. Even now, I can't quite put my weight on it like I normally could before the injury. But with all that said, I think it's recovered about 90% of the way there, so I'm back to doing art again!

Because of the injury, I wasn't able to get all the things done that I wanted. I wanted to be able to complete a few pages of the comic and of course any weekly votes, but instead I only got 1 comic page and 1 weekly vote done. The comic page went through a few hoops of "how do I even want this to end up looking" before I settled on something that I feel like I can replicate to the other pages easily. The weekly vote, which was for "Chained Ice Demon Kalta" I had wanted to put in more chains and maybe some shading for her, but ended up having to cut some of it out. I think it worked out in the end though, all the pieces seem to fit with each other fairly well anyway.

I think for the comic, I'm going to try a really basic approach to how it looks. Black and white, with some form of texturing and shading here and there, but not a lot. I already knew I wasn't very good at coloring, and when put under pressure to try and get it don't I was getting stressed and annoyed, and was starting to rush things. I maybe go back and fiddle with it a bit at some point, but for now it'll be black and white.

With the inclusion of the Comic making, I'm going to have to put weekly votes as a bi-weekly vote instead. I simply do not have enough time or energy (or skill) to be able to do a comic, a weekly vote, commission work, and whatever other fun stuff all at the same time. I would like to, and maybe I can work my way up to that point sometime in the future, but not now. Every Thursday will be the "due date" for both a new comic page, and a weekly vote post. Every Friday will mark either a new vote, or the beginning process of another comic page. I already have 30 pages all roughed out with some basic framing and potential dialog, and I plan to work on maybe 3 pages at a time, in terms of refining the sketches and segmenting my work a bit. For weekly votes, this means I can have an extra week to come up with vote choices, so it might even mean I can add another choice to the list, making a total of 4 vote choices! innthatfun? The next vote will be November 6th.

I will also be opening commissions soon! Please don't ask when / if. There's a page indicating that for a reason. (https://blokfort.com/commissions-info/)

Final note: Depending on how the next round of commissions go, I might be changing my pricing a bit!

Posted by Blokfort - October 4th, 2020

I've hurt my hand somehow, and art will have to be on hold for a bit.

I still plan on finishing the weekly vote for the Chained Ice Demon Kalta pic, but it'll have to be delayed until I get better.
I can maybe still work on the storyboard for Eyes on the Prize though, since that's not too draw-intensive. Maybe.

Posted by Blokfort - October 1st, 2020

I didn't write a post for August because it felt like I would have been repeating a lot of the same things that I had said before. Thankfully, September has been 'different enough' for me to write this time.

I feel a bit disappointed in myself overall I suppose. I've missed many drawing / streaming days due to health reasons, each reason being completely unrelated to the last: headaches, dizziness, sore hand, non-motivation, etc. I also feel like I've been rather distant with people at times be it online or IRL. Not too sure how to change that really.

Ok, so some happier news! I've officially restarted on Eyes on the Prize. I've got 20-24 pages storyboarded, with a grand total of maybe 25-30 pages in mind. Planning for it has been SO MUCH EASIER, and I'm glad I decided to restart it. It is a bit of a shame that the art I did before is basically going to be redrawn again, but the whole this is an experimental process anyhow, so I don't actually feel like I've lost anything. Initially I was actually going to do First Love eh, first, but after a while I felt like it made more sense to do Eyes on the Prize instead. I completed 1 page of First Love, then decided to switch. There was nothing wrong with the page or anything like that, but I felt like I got enough out of making that page to try and put that experience into Eyes on the Prize instead.

I can't say I got all that much art done these past two months though. At least, not any "completed" art. It's been mostly sketches and scribbles and trying things out, like a lineless-minimalist portrait of Kalta (a character I own), or storyboarding / comic sketching layout stuff. Until this week, I had been keeping up with the [Weekly Vote] stuff pretty easily, getting the drawing done within a day or two. this week has had the complication of me hurting my hand somehow, causing pain in particular angles or motions, so I decided to try wearing a brace and just not doing art stuff for a bit. It still feels a bit sore as I'm writing this, so I hope this gets over with soon.

I've discovered I can do three topics currently: the [Weekly Vote], comic stuff, and commissions. But, the biggest problem I have with these three subjects, is that I can only pick 2 for any given week. If I pick commission work and [Weekly Vote]s, then I can't work on comic stuff. If I pick [Weekly Vote] and comic stuff, then commissions are delayed even longer. I really do not like making people wait, when they have already paid me, and I'm off doing unrelated work. I already give myself a sort of break with the weekly vote stuff, so putting in another project like comic making is currently too much work and not enough time for me. If I perhaps got less distracted while I work, or if I could work quicker, or... Any number of things, then MAYBE I could do all three, but as it stands currently, I can only do two. And with that said, I'm thinking I might turn the weekly vote into a bi-weekly vote instead. Every week will be either weekly vote or comic making stuff, with commissions being the main focus at any given point, of course. I might include one or two more voting choices every vote to sort of balance it out. Hopefully my muse will stick it out for 2 weeks in between vote lulls, heh.

Procreate updated. I'm not a fan of the update so far : ). When you select an area, you cant use the eye dropper. The general layer-recoloring tools have moved around, and now require 1 extra button to push in order to get to what you want, which really fucking sucks because the interface of Procreate can be imprecise and slow because of all the flashiness it decides to show you when a menu is brought up, so adding in yet another thing to poke at on the touch screen is a bit irritating. It's also a bit more difficult to save to Dropbox directly now, for whatever reason, specifically for PSDs. /rant

I've also recently switched to using Piczel instead of Picarto for streaming, since Picarto largely doesn't work for a lot of people I know, and Piczel does. I like to stream, because it helps me keep focus on what I'm supposed to be doing. It's also nice to chat with people when they come by, and Piczel has some pretty nice chat functions.