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End of Month Post - August + September 2020

Posted by Blokfort - 1 month ago

I didn't write a post for August because it felt like I would have been repeating a lot of the same things that I had said before. Thankfully, September has been 'different enough' for me to write this time.

I feel a bit disappointed in myself overall I suppose. I've missed many drawing / streaming days due to health reasons, each reason being completely unrelated to the last: headaches, dizziness, sore hand, non-motivation, etc. I also feel like I've been rather distant with people at times be it online or IRL. Not too sure how to change that really.

Ok, so some happier news! I've officially restarted on Eyes on the Prize. I've got 20-24 pages storyboarded, with a grand total of maybe 25-30 pages in mind. Planning for it has been SO MUCH EASIER, and I'm glad I decided to restart it. It is a bit of a shame that the art I did before is basically going to be redrawn again, but the whole this is an experimental process anyhow, so I don't actually feel like I've lost anything. Initially I was actually going to do First Love eh, first, but after a while I felt like it made more sense to do Eyes on the Prize instead. I completed 1 page of First Love, then decided to switch. There was nothing wrong with the page or anything like that, but I felt like I got enough out of making that page to try and put that experience into Eyes on the Prize instead.

I can't say I got all that much art done these past two months though. At least, not any "completed" art. It's been mostly sketches and scribbles and trying things out, like a lineless-minimalist portrait of Kalta (a character I own), or storyboarding / comic sketching layout stuff. Until this week, I had been keeping up with the [Weekly Vote] stuff pretty easily, getting the drawing done within a day or two. this week has had the complication of me hurting my hand somehow, causing pain in particular angles or motions, so I decided to try wearing a brace and just not doing art stuff for a bit. It still feels a bit sore as I'm writing this, so I hope this gets over with soon.

I've discovered I can do three topics currently: the [Weekly Vote], comic stuff, and commissions. But, the biggest problem I have with these three subjects, is that I can only pick 2 for any given week. If I pick commission work and [Weekly Vote]s, then I can't work on comic stuff. If I pick [Weekly Vote] and comic stuff, then commissions are delayed even longer. I really do not like making people wait, when they have already paid me, and I'm off doing unrelated work. I already give myself a sort of break with the weekly vote stuff, so putting in another project like comic making is currently too much work and not enough time for me. If I perhaps got less distracted while I work, or if I could work quicker, or... Any number of things, then MAYBE I could do all three, but as it stands currently, I can only do two. And with that said, I'm thinking I might turn the weekly vote into a bi-weekly vote instead. Every week will be either weekly vote or comic making stuff, with commissions being the main focus at any given point, of course. I might include one or two more voting choices every vote to sort of balance it out. Hopefully my muse will stick it out for 2 weeks in between vote lulls, heh.

Procreate updated. I'm not a fan of the update so far : ). When you select an area, you cant use the eye dropper. The general layer-recoloring tools have moved around, and now require 1 extra button to push in order to get to what you want, which really fucking sucks because the interface of Procreate can be imprecise and slow because of all the flashiness it decides to show you when a menu is brought up, so adding in yet another thing to poke at on the touch screen is a bit irritating. It's also a bit more difficult to save to Dropbox directly now, for whatever reason, specifically for PSDs. /rant

I've also recently switched to using Piczel instead of Picarto for streaming, since Picarto largely doesn't work for a lot of people I know, and Piczel does. I like to stream, because it helps me keep focus on what I'm supposed to be doing. It's also nice to chat with people when they come by, and Piczel has some pretty nice chat functions.